The options for tackling this beast were plentiful.

 According to the MDs I could undergo chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, 5 years on medication, egg harvesting, reconstructive surgery, and a gamut of other body altering experiences that made me cringe.

Having those discussions were scary and anxiety provoking.

Because of that, I knew to trust my gut and find another way to get well.

 I’d learned about alternative/natural healing when I was diagnosed with Lupus at age 18.  I started with the prescriptions and aggressive treatments because I didn’t know any better…

Because that’s what I was programmed to do when ill….

Because I had never heard of Lupus until my diagnosis and wasn’t sure what the diagnosis meant.

 I’ve never enjoyed taking medication and don’t remember to take it when it’s prescribed for extended periods of time.  Sensing my resistance, my mother took me to a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) who successfully healed my body using supplements, remedies, and eliminating trigger foods from my diet.

 Something very scary became very manageable.  

So why would this diagnosis be any different?!

 For me the choice was simple.

 Homeopathic healing.  

Once I was able to gain some clarity and clear my mind of negative thoughts, I replaced them with positive thoughts and came up with a plan.

 I knew that drastic procedures and chemical treatments were not for me.  

I began learning all I could about healing my body and restoring it to a healthy alkaline state.

 This was overwhelming at times and needed to be broken down into digestible portions.  

A dear friend introduced me to the teachings and practices of the late great Dr. Sebi.  

Dr. Sebi taught, “Mucus is the cause of every disease.  Eliminate the mucus and you eliminate the disease.  As I began to change my diet, decide who I wanted on my “squad”, contact healing centers, and gain emotional peace.

 I’ll tackle each of these steps in more detail…..


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