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Baby Developmental Milestones to Watch Out for

Baby Developmental Milestones to Watch Out for

Baby Developmental Milestones to Watch Out for

It is not surprising when your new born starts taking big development strides. In fact, this is what makes most parents happy as they boast about these events amongst friends. Nevertheless, in case the young one does not respond positively as per his or her age, then this is cause for alarm. Basically, there are quite a number of baby developmental milestones you should watch out for to ensure that everything is alright with your little one. This is especially between when the child is born until the age of 3 years.

Sensitivity to sound

This is one of the most exciting milestones that any parent eagerly awaits for as he/she closely supervises the young one’s development. If a sudden sound is made and the toddler turns her head towards that direction, then definitely this is a big landmark in regard to cognitive abilities. Of course, the time one child reacts may relatively differ, but the fact is that this is a major development to be highly regarded better than the appearance of the first tooth and something similar. What it indicates is that the child is able to recognize the sound and react to it, rather than lamely accept that there is a sound out there.

Name recognition

In the early days, your child might not be able to recognize her name but towards the age of 6 months, she will start to turn her head whenever it’s mentioned. What this indicates is that the child has started to associate the sound/voice with her, and this is always a plus for any parent looking for big development milestones. Furthermore, it is an indication that the baby is now recognizing that she is an independent being different from her mother. In case she is staring at something, do no hesitate to mention the name of the object as this often fastens the development of cognitive abilities of the child.

Music - singing and dancing

As the child grows towards the age of 2 years, you will start to notice him wriggle, sing and dance. This deserves a celebration because it is an indicator that the young one is able to react and feel the joy. At the end of the day, this is one of the best ways that guarantee that your child is able to build self-esteem by herself, has better motor skills, and of course confidence. It can’t get better than encouraging the child to copy what the older siblings are doing especially in regard to dancing. If you realize that the child enjoys and does copy dancing styles without hesitation, it is time to find how you can gift the child as this helps a lot in the development process.


It is joy unmatched as a parent when you see your child able to hold a pencil and scribble some stuff on a piece of paper. At the beginning, the child will always not have a total control on how they hold the pencil or crayon - and most will hold it in a dagger like position. However, towards 36 months, you will notice that they are doing it ‘perfectly’. This is one of the milestones that will indicate that the child’s writing abilities is developing pretty fast. Child experts have always advised not to push the child at this particular time, because he/she might react negatively which is not good for development at all.

Recognizing letters and numbers

If the toddler starts to recognize numbers and letters through nursery rhymes, it is all joy to the parent. This means that the child is learning fast and developing at a steady pace. The one thing you should note that at the early childhood stages, all children tend to have the same development pattern irrespective of geographical location, creed or race. As a parent, you should be keen on the vital development patterns so that your child grows up without any problem.

Independent playing

One thing that is a big indicator that your child is developing fast and feels pretty confident is the ability of the child to play independently. Oftentimes, this will happen at around the age of two and you will start to notice that the child is able to entertain himself for 10 minutes or more. In fact, this is a good sign that creativity and imagination of the child is growing. If you desire to take this step further, it makes more sense to offer toys that will help the child to be more creative.

Important point to note

There are quite a number of development milestones that can be included in the list above like a child recognizing herself in the mirror, reacting to smiles, giggles at something a person says, and even starts to share things with you after her first birthday. However, take note that every child will do most of the things at a certain age and not others. In this case, do not worry as children are not bots and each is unique.

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