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The Best Manual Breast Pump – 2017 Reviews and Comparison

The Best Manual Breast Pump

The Best Manual Breast Pump

The very first baby developmental milestone to watch out for is the first time your baby ever latched on and started to breastfeed. We know how satisfying it feels to breastfeed our baby for the first time and we really hope we can continue to do so in the next two years of their lives. The problem now is when we start going back to work? We only want the best for our newborns and giving them our breast milk is the best of what we can actually give them. This is when a manual breast pump comes in very handy.

There are other types of breast pumps out there but manual breast pumps are simply more convenient compared to electric breast pumps. Manual breast pumps can easily be assembled and taken apart, easy storage and clean-up and definitely more portable compared to electric breast pumps. Manual breast pumps are also very simple to use compared to electric breast pumps. Electric breast pumps can definitely be done hands-free—but most of them require you at least to hold the pump over your boobs. In comparison, manual breast pumps are handheld breast pumps that require you to do a manual effort.

You will definitely gain more than just giving your baby you best milk but expressing your milk will allow you to still continue breastfeeding your little one even in your absence. This also makes you and your baby enjoy the continuous benefits of breastfeeding even if you have to go run errands or leave your little one with a babysitter.

We have come up with a list of the five best manual breast pumps Amazon can offer. And our list can definitely help you choose the best for both you and definitely your baby.

Best Manual Breast Pump Comparison


Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

Evenflo Manual Breast Pump

Zerlar Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

Ashtonbee Silicone Breast Pump


Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump
Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump
Evenflo Manual Breast Pump
Zerlar Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump
Ashtonbee Silicone Breast Pump


9.1 x 7.3 x 3.6 inches

8.9 x 7.9 x 3.7 inches

7.5 x 5.8 x 4 inches

7 x 3.3 x 3 inches

6.5 x 3.2 x 3.8 inches


14.4 ounces

12 ounces

9 ounces

4 ounces

4 ounces


manual pump, two 5oz bottles with lids, bottle stand, nipple with collar, bottle cap, two membranes.

manual pump, two 4oz bottles with lids, nipples with collar

two different flange sizes, manual pump, one 5 oz bottle, bottle cap and nipple

2 pump caps

Pump lid

Breast Shield Size

24 millimeters

28 millimeters

28.5 millimeters and 24.5 millimeters

85 millimeters

81 millimeters






BPA-free, Lead-free

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump Review

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

Even before we have our baby we already fill up the nursery in preparation and one of the nursery items that we should prepare for our baby is the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump. Medela Harmony is known for their high-quality electronic breast pumps and they are absolutely the best. This manual breast pump is the only model that they have and for sure, it is a crowd favorite. We love the Medela harmony manual breast pump; in fact, we believe that it is the best breast pump brand in the United States.

We love that it can be used in a one-handed in operation. So, you don't have to keep on tugging and pressing and squeezing your breast as if it were a dough of bread. It is very simple to use, you can simply level it over your clean breast and start pumping. It has a two-phase expression technology, by the way: the stimulation and the expression. To stimulate milk flow press the top lever, it preps your breast to stimulate it to release milk. When you get your milk going, just start pumping with the longer end of the lever to help maximize your milk flow.

We love that it is designed after the way babies actually breastfeed. The stimulation part makes the manual breast pump suck faster and lighter to get the milk going. When your breast starts to flow—or goes into the 'let down' phase—the pump imitates the longer and deeper way babies breastfeed with the longer pump end. It's a very simple yet effective way of pumping your breast and it does it in a short time.

The breast shield is also fairly comfortable. It is soft to the tough and what's more is that it is quite compatible with other breast shields that you own. This is very convenient for mothers especially if you are looking for a manual breast pump for larger breasts. Some moms may also have other breast shield sizes to match the best manual breast pump for large nipples.

You will also love that this manual breast pump is BPA-free and lead-free for babies’ safety. Another thumbs up is the soft-touch ergonomic swivel handle, this allows a very comfortable way of pumping—and that includes a one-handed operation. Another reason it is a mommy favorite is because of its size. It is handy, compact and easy to travel with. With lesser parts, you can easily pack it up in your own manual breast pump bag. And that is why this is our top pick for the best manual breast pump.

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump Review

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

One of the top rated manual breast pump brands is Phillips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump. We love that with such a wonderful manual breast pump, you can easily buy it for a bit over $25. Great product, great price what more can you ask for?

There are many things to love about the Avent Manual Breast Pump; one is the comfort in pumping milk. Out of every manual breast pump, we have tried, this is the most comfortable to work with. That is because it has a soft massage cushion in the breast shield that allows a comfy fit to your breast. The gel pad feels nice and squishy and it really does relieve the pain from manually expressing milk off your breasts.

We love that this is one of the best manual breast pumps for smaller breasts. It takes more time for smaller breasts to start expressing milk and it really hurts when it takes too long to keep pumping and pumping and pumping. For that reasons, this is an absolute favorite, the gel padding really is different, and pumping is less of a headache— and breast aches too. Since it is very comfortable we recommend this is the best manual breast pump for low milk supply.

We love that it isn't squeaky. Yes, it kind of irks us when we pump milk and start hearing squeaky sounds. We love that the lever or the pump is very easy-to-use too. The design is very compact and it really has a quick stimulation and great flow inducer making manual breast pumping shorter.

The only problem we came to face is that it only fits wider mouthed Avent bottles. The standard sizes won't fit, so we recommend that you pump your milk first and then transfer the pumped milk into another bottle before you start pumping on your other breast.

Still, this is the best manual breast pump when it comes to comfort and definitely the second one on our list.

Evenflo Manual Breast Pump Review

Evenflo Manual Breast Pump

Yet another famous baby brand in our list, this is Evenflo's Manual Breast pump. And there is no surprise as to why that is, that's because it is well under $25 and it does a simple and easy job in quick breast milk collection. Some mothers have breastfeeding problems and often go to breast pumping because of these problems. The thing is, manually breast pumping milk is really beneficial to both mom and baby because it totally eliminates the option to buy formula milk. You are giving the best type of milk for your baby.

Some moms even rely on manually pumping breast milk as a key step to weaning your toddler from breastfeeding. So, what to do when your little one throws a temper tantrum and starts to cry? We love that collecting breast milk is so much easier now and manually pumping milk is almost as simple as pumping with an electronic breast pump, seriously.

We love that the breast shield attachment can accommodate personal breast shields of different sizes making this one of the best manual pumps for large breasts and one of the best manual breast pumps for large nipples. Some moms have trouble getting breast pumps because their boobs get too big when lactating. It's true that there are nursing tips for the large breasted woman because size can affect your baby's breastfeeding pattern as well.

It has strong suctioning powers as well. We noticed that it really locks on tight around the breast that it can pump milk out once the let down starts. The only problem we have is that it has a hard time stimulating the breast for express milk but when your breast starts to express milk, it really does suck a lot out in a short time. So instead of manually hand pressing your boobs for 30 minutes, you can definitely express just as much milk in a matter of 5-8 minutes.

It is really easy to clean and that' one reason we always look into. It doesn't have much design features where bacteria and molds can get into and breed. It is just a simple compact breast pump ready for your use at any time of the day. This then comes third on our list for the best manual breast pumps.

Zerlar Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump Review

Zerlar Silicone Breastfeeding Manual Breast Pump

When we were pregnant one of the essential items to have for packing a hospital bag was a compact manual breast pump. And when we say compact, we say a very small item that you can easily squeeze in a tight bag filled with nappies, diapers and newborn clothes. The Zerlar Silicone Manual Breast Pump is really compact. In fact, it is the best manual breast pump for travel because of its mere convenience.

It is very light and it is completely made of BPA-free Silicone from top to bottom. When we say manual breast pump, we think of pumping levers and trumpet looking devices but this compact and unique design allows great manual pumping with lesser assembly and quick clean-up. Those two things are great reasons why we love these manual breast pumps.

This is very easy to do and you can literally operate with one hand only. One of the things we love about this is that it doesn't need you to assemble it. You only need to pull it out of your bag or out of the sterilizer and start pumping milk out.

It is also very easy to clean since you don't have to take it apart. It's one whole piece that you only need to toss in the dishwasher and sterilizer and you are good for another go. Since it also comes with a cap, you can store the milk in it and warm it up as well but never try putting this item—especially your breast milk—in the microwave.

We love that it is made of a clear food grade silicone. It also has measurements at the side. If you are not in the position to transfer your milk immediately to an available container, you can store the milk inside the pump itself since it also comes with a cover. Zerlar claims that 9 out of 10 moms love this item and believe us when we say that we are part of those nine moms. It is super convenient and super easy to use. And that is why this is the best manual breast pump for traveling and is the fourth best manual breast pump in our list.

Ashtonbee Silicone Breast Pump Review

Ashtonbee Silicone Breast Pump

Like the Zerlar Manual Breast Pump, this is also one of the best manual breast pumps for traveling. This is also one of the best manual breast pumps for working moms since it can easily fit inside the bag and be carried to work. So when the need to express accumulated milk inside your breast needs to be expressed, this is a quick and easy solution. It requires zero set-up and easy handling as well. You can definitely use it with one hand allowing you to get back to work quickly.

Some moms have a let down on the other breast when breastfeeding and this manual breast pump is light and easy to use allowing you to collect as much milk for your little one to use later on. This is also a great breastfeeding essential to make sure that not a drop of breast milk is wasted.

There is a special and simple technique in using the Ashtonbees manual breast pump. You have to start off by pressing the bottom of the pump with light and quick pumps. This is an easy way to stimulate the breast to produce milk quickly. Once your let down starts, you should press the middle of the pump's body with deeper presses. These deeper longer presses will mimic a baby's mouth when sucking. It is very simple and definitely very convenient.

Since it is completely made of Silicone it is very soft and comfortable on the breast. You will enjoy pumping milk with lesser effort. And the fact that it doesn't take up much counter space and dishwashing space you will love this item for that reason as well. Another reason we love this item so much is that you can store milk in it because it comes with a lid. You can also heat the milk by directly putting the pump in a hot bowl of water or the typical ways of heating up stored breast milk. And for those reasons, this is one of the best manual breast pumps for travel and one of the best manual breast pumps for high milk supply. That is why this completes our list of the overall best manual breast pumps.

To Sum it Up...

Selecting a breast pump is more difficult than we originally thought it would be. There are so many factors to consider like breast size, nipple size, type of breast pump and the material used to make the breast pump. Our list above shows you the best manual breast pumps in the market and we are sure that they will do you and your baby great service. This way, you can give your baby the benefit of your milk even when you are not around. So, take you pick from our list of the best breast pumps.

Product Image Credits: Amazon.com

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