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The Negative Effects of Gadgets to Children

The Negative Effects of Gadgets to Children

The Negative Effects of Gadgets to Children

There are innumerable gadgets out there that we access on a daily basis, and our children are growing up with these devices as their integral part of their life. In other words, it is a lifestyle that we have adopted over the years. It is acknowledged that these gadgets do not only help stimulate children senses and improve their cognitive abilities, but also relive stress and anything related. However, over exposure to these gadgets has proven to be quite a challenge, and this has led to experts doing research into the matter.

Here are some of the most important factors you should know in regard to negative effects of gadgets to children.

Brain development

Brain development problems will always occur whenever a child is over exposed to electronic gadgets during the early years. Research has shown that toddler's brain triples in development rate as they grow up, and brain continues to grow up to the time they are mature enough. Nevertheless, when a toddler plays too much with gadgets a number of things will happen. Firstly, cognitive abilities are derailed and the child learning abilities are impaired. Also, a child will lose self-regulatory and be quite impulsive so parents are encouraged to talk and play with their children instead of letting gadgets take all their time.

Anti-social behavior and less interaction

As a child grows into maturity, he/she needs to interact with his parents, siblings, and peers, but gadgets to do not offer this opportunity. At the end of the day, this will hinder development of communication skills leading to social issues at home, and this might go into their teen years hence interfering with their social life. This sets a dangerous trend as a human being, in that as an adult the child might find it difficult to express himself.

High levels of radiation exposure

It goes without saying that too much exposure to gadgets will definitely lead to exposure to high levels of radiation. This can be quite dangerous for the child because it affects the health of the child negatively leading to brain development problems and other related health issues. In fact research shows that even over exposure to radio frequencies can be quite dangerous, and take note that TV, video games, computers are still in the same group. As a parent, the best thing you can do is to help the child strike a balance between interacting with people and gadgets.

Increase violence

The many gadgets that children use have some elements of violence, and this especially the video games and other related technological tools. The young child might be obsessed with a certain violent game and this can lead him or her trying it on his peers. This is a psychological thing as most children do learn how to be aggressive while playing video games, and not necessarily from their parents. In as much as you allow your child to play these games for entertainment purpose, see to it that fewer hours are spent on it.

Bodyweight issues

It’s a fact that gadgets come with several benefits that are great for your child. However, if the child spends too many hours on TV, video games, or such, then definitely he will start gaining weight which is not healthy at all. In order to counter obesity issues, you are highly advised to encourage games that will help your child lose and not gain weight. The best thing you can do here is to encourage outdoor games that involve running-be creative and you will save the life of your child.


There is no better way to explain these because too much of using gadgets will always lead to addiction. In all cases, the child will lose interest in almost everything and even ‘fall sick’ just because he didn’t play his favorite game. As a parent, it is important that you expose your child to the real world, to meet real people, and learn more about what goes on around him. It will save you the trouble of having to rehabilitate your child in future.

Eyesight problems

Gadgets are highly addictive and spending too much time inform of them will definitely lead to issues with the child’s sight. It is for this reason that you should always monitor the time your child interacts with devices, and also know how much of his time he spends with family and friends. If you realize any anomaly in his social life, do not hesitate to move fast to rectify the problem. You can find a way you can convince him to take a walk to meet a frind, go the park, or just anything that will remove his attention from gadgets.

All in all, behavioral changes can take time but striking a balance between gadgets and real life should be encouraged by all parents.

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