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Is it Safe to Swaddle a Newborn?

Is it Safe to Swaddle a Newborn?

Is it Safe to Swaddle a Newborn?

One of the most frequently asked questions by mothers is "Should I swaddle my baby or not?", and "Is swaddling safe for my baby's health?" The answer to this question is simple and pretty straight forward if you get the facts right. However, if you are confused with the noise around you, then it becomes pretty difficult for you to make informed decisions. Hence, your baby will miss out on the benefits that come with this practice. However, despite the many advantages of swaddling, it should be done correctly by all means as babies are quite delicate and sensitive.

Why you should swaddle a newborn?

There are quite a number of reasons why you should swaddle a newly born from the word go. Here are some points for you that set the record straight:

Better sleep

Babies will always have the best of sleep if they are saddled correctly. One thing you are sure is that your baby will not startle himself while sleeping and this is something that makes him enjoy continuity of sleep. Overall, the baby will be able to sleep longer of which is quite healthy for him.

Less crying

If you have a baby swaddled, then you can be rest assured that he will be less irritated and will cry less because of the comfort offered. Statistics indicate that babies who are swaddled will cry 28% less - of course the percentage will vary based on other relative factors. All in all, it is worth every effort especially when you desire your baby to sleep soundly.

Enhance child development

Child development encompasses so many things from a physical point of view. In this case, swaddling is quite beneficial for those who want better neuromuscular development for their young ones. This helps prevent unintentional limb movement making it even easier for your baby to develop motor skills. Remember, the earlier your baby can develop motor skills, the better it is for him.

Soothing technique

Swaddling is one of the best soothing techniques that you can bank on as a mother or parent. It is the foundation of some of the techniques that are used all over the world and also combines well with so many techniques that mothers like to use. Basically, if you want to soothe your baby without necessarily getting irritated, try swaddling him and you can never go wrong!

Prevent SIDS

Swaddling is also a healthy method that can drastically reduce SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and make the baby grow faster without any neuromuscular issues.

In as much as swaddling comes with many benefits, it should be done correctly for it to have the much needed effect. If you do it wrongly, you can end up hurting your baby. It is equally important to know when to stop swaddling so that you do not overdo it. For instance, if your baby can turn and sleep on his tummy, it’s high time you should consider stopping the swaddling process.

Swaddling process: the do’s and don’ts

Swaddling a baby is as simple as counting 123 and the higher the quality of baby blanket or sheet you use, the better it is for the child. To begin with, make it a point that you lay the blanket on a flat surface before folding the top corner to make a straight edge. Carefully place the baby on his back and ensure the top of the fabric you’re using is at the shoulder level. Bring down your baby’s arms and tuck the ends of the fabric near his chest. When you are done, go ahead and fold the lower end of the fabric to make it intact. One thing you should ensure is that the bottom-end is a bit loose so that he can move his hip and legs while asleep (naturally).

The best way to swaddle is to ensure natural positioning of the baby to prevent increased weight loss, reduced breastfeeding, and lack of breaks during sleep. You should never use heavy materials during the process as this might cause harm to the infant. Importantly, never place the infant on the stomach because this does not only affect how they breathe but also is a known recipe for other health complications.

If you have been having issues with whether to swaddle or not, be rest assured that swaddling is a great way to nurse and soothe your baby. However, the entire process should be done in the correct context. For instance, the age and health of the baby eventually determines how best to swaddle the child. Furthermore, understand the do's and don’ts of the process so that you do not negatively affect the health of the baby. Last but not least, in case you notice some questionable changes in your baby’s behavior, you are advised to consult your doctor.

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