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Tips for Making Toddler Bath Time Entertaining

Tips for Making Toddler Bath Time Entertaining

Tips for Making Toddler Bath Time Entertaining

It is acknowledged that we love every minute and second we’re bathing our babies. In as much as we love to keep them clean, it is equally important that the babies find it fun and entertaining during this particular time. Statistics show that during the first month, most babies will not like water at all, this is irrespective of whether it is of the correct temperature or not. In most cases, they will cry during bathing time as a sign of defiance.

It is highly recommended that you sponge bath your baby during the first month. Nevertheless, in subsequent months you need to find tricks and tips to entertain the baby. This shouldn’t worry you at all as there are many ways to counter this problem-top of the list is the use toys. There are many toys out there that you can use. However, before delving into the finer details here are some tips and tricks for you:

  • Sponge bathing the newly born. This is one thing that many first-time mothers find it pretty difficult to comprehend. If you want to do it better, you are advised to select specific area for bathing the baby. Thereafter, get your bathing kit ready and proceed with sponge bathing. Take note that you can remove all the clothing, but leave the diaper. Sponging process is as easy as counting 1, 2,3, juts be careful that you do not harm or rather scratch the baby-be gentle.
  • Clean the genital with your kids legs outward (frog style) and clean the area gentle, Take note that the cleaning process of girls will vary from those of the boys; and so do not try to undertake the same procedure on anyone o them. Secondly, always clothe the baby immediately after the cleaning process so that he/she doesn’t feel cold.
  • Good water temperature. If you are tub bathing a newly born, it is highly recommended that the water be of good temperature. You can sing songs to newly born to make him have a sense of peace, as this is a new experience. As a matter of fact, always make eye contact this helps him to be confident he’s not in another strange world.
  • Always ensure that bathing time is play time, as this makes the baby look forward to having his body cleaned. During the first few months avoid use of oils because the skin is still rich in natural oils. In fact, powders should be avoided unless have been proven not to harm the baby. If inhaled, then the child can be in a problem. . If shampoos are to be used, then they must be very mild.

Bath Time and Toys

The baby bath time must at all times be accompanied by toys to make it quite entertaining. What this does is that it eliminates fear, and this makes the baby friendlier. If shampoos are to be used, then they must be very mild. There are several bath toys out there that you can buy for this very purpose, some of the popular ones are; bath duck, turtle, and frog sets. If you get rubber toys that are able to squirt water, the baby will always like to stay even longer in the tub. It is important that your toys be of bright color so that the baby can like it instantly.

The simple but effective suction adhesive shapes are known to have the best effect on young ones while bathing. The best thing is that there are so many out there designed in animal shapes like fish, dinosaur, and penguin, of which will make the baby like all the time he is in the tub. If the bathing time is not entertaining, you’ll find the baby throwing tantrums the moment he see water and senses it’s bathing time.

If you have bought your baby some dolls, allow them to bring these to the tub. This will not only save you time, but you will have a much easier time washing. You can also allow them to blow bubbles and join in. Playful bathing is something that will not compromise on the quality of bath, and also nothing can by any means make your baby hate bath time.

There are other tricks that will definitely make bathing time great. For instance, you can add some color to the water by using food coloring. This is a great way to make the baby like everything to do bath time. If you are not sure about the products you will use, be advised to contact specialist in this field. This will not only save money but also time. As such, your baby will always look forward to bathing. Further, as he grows to be independent he will love bathing rather than detest the activity.

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